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                                     Hi Aussie and Foreign Students at Melbourne Institute of Technology!  I have been working from...


Hi Aussie and Foreign Students at Melbourne Institute of Technology! 

I have been working from 3 Years with some MIT friend, and have helped number of students in assignments of Bachelors and Masters! 

I have previously worked on following subjects, and can definitely work on every type of Report, Project and Simple/Complex assignments of BN101-BN109, BN201-BN209, BN301-BN309.

  • Network Project Management ( Report writing, WBS, GanttChart, Network Proposal, Risk Management, Stakeholder Mapping, Quality Management Plan)
  • Multimedia Systems (Animation, Image Editing, Website Evaluation, Comparison, HTML/CSS Website + Report)
  • Information Technology for Users in Organisations (Excel Tasks, Reports, Calculations)
  • System Administration (Report, Research, Servers)
  • Operating System (UNIX commands, FIFO/LIFO concepts, Fragementation, Scheduling, Thread and other reports)
  • Software Enginering (Scope, Stakeholders, Actors, Risk/Assumptions, Usecases, Activity/Class/Sequence/Case & other Diagrams.
  • Wireless Network & Security (Kerberos, 802.1x, Firewall/ACL,  Project Planning from scrap to the End)
  • Networked Applications (Virtualization, VMWare ..) 

  • Networking Fundamentals (Wireshark, Reports, Putty, Packet Tracer)
  • Web System (Web Critiques, Comparison Reports and Web Designing)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN, Putty, Packet Tracer, Network Diagram)
I have even worked on more subjects like Psychology, Ethics, International Relations.. Feel Free to contact me for any type of work.


 Prices for each academic assignment is different. Assignments pricing starts from $15 but can go up to 300$ (Group Projects). It is dependent on following things. 
  • Word Limit/Range
  • Subject Complexity and Topic's Complexity
  • Simple Textual Assignment or assignment including Diagrams (Usecase/Sequence/Class/GanttChart)
  • Networking Assignment including Putty, PacketTracer, Wireshark and other configurations are technical, and will be comparatively charged more.

How to Contact Me:

1. Fill the Contact form on the right side.
or 2. Email Me at itsgooofy@gmail.com
Just email me once, and we will move to Whatsapp, iMessages or whatever is easiest for you.

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