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☻Real Racing gti:   The game is all about racing.A spirit to chase as a cop and a spirit and will to win the race by eliminating cops an...

☻Real Racing gti: 
The game is all about racing.A spirit to chase as a cop and a spirit and will to win the race by eliminating cops and our opponents is the main theme of the game. The rating of the game is 4+/5 on apple app store.You will really waste hours and hours to get fun of  it.

Infinity Blade 1& 2:
The game full of action and thrill, Fighting with swords and guns and whatever comes in front of you. Clear the rounds by defeating the enemies and their boss.The game is rated 4+/5 and is one of the most favorite in gamers lists.

Angry Birds Space:
Angry birds series is one of the most popular game series all around the entire world. On iPhone the angry bird  Space is the super hit game.Destroy the pigs and the stuffs with your angry birds and their powers. The game depends on totally space rules.The 3d look and attraction of Gravity and pull of moon and sun provides the best thrilling effects to the game.The game is having 4+/5 ratings on app store.

Nfs Hot Pursuit: 
Another racing game which is full of action. You have to evade the laps from cops and other opponents, have two carrier modes one as a cop and other as a racer , win bounty by winning the race, destroying cop cars, by using nitros, by close cuts and by catching the racers as a cop. The game is also rated 4+/5 and not as easy as other racing games.

Stick Cricket:
Stick Cricket an interesting cricket game in iPods and iPhone. You have to beat the other teams by breaking the listed scores and unlock next rounds.The game is also rated 4+/5 and is really full of fun.

Paper Toss:
Paper toss is rated 4+/5. In this game you have to throw the paper pieces in the dustbin or box. On increasing the levels you have to face the wind and other difficulties which makes game more interesting.The game is simple but full of fun.


Temple run:
You have to run away from the witches and Dracula's to safe your life. The game is full endangered , you have to keep much active to play it.You have to slip down and sometimes you have to jump up. It also have options to power up yourself, catch coins and set records in the game.It has been rated 9+/10.

100 Floors:
This game needs an intelligent and active mind to play it. You have to discover the new floors by opening the lift by intelligence, look for the hidden items and use some sort of tools to find the opening lift button.Some time you also take the game as puzzle.The game got 3.5+/5 rating worldwide.

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