Roller Coasters-Fantastic way of enjoyment.!

Enjoyful but bit scary: Roller coasters are not supposed to scare us. They give our ody to experience, perfectly natural f...

Enjoyful but bit scary:
Roller coasters are not supposed to scare us. They give our ody to experience, perfectly natural fears of heights, speed and being turned upside down 200 feet above the cotton-candy stand into  and then they set us back on the ground, pat us on the back, and tell us where the end of the line is so we can go again.Roller Coasters are full of enjoyment and its fun for the modern era.

Some famous Roller Coasters:
Corks Crew
Height Requirement:     48
Manufacturer:     Arrow Dynamics
Speed:     48 mph
Turning the traditional coaster experience on its head, Corkscrew was the first coaster in history to invert riders three times over the course of its run. It also was the first coaster to span a park midway as it corkscrews, giving riders and park-goers views of each other with an amazingly exciting perspective.
Magnum XL-200
Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill
Height Requirement:     48"
Manufacturer:     Arrow Dynamics
Speed:     72 mph
For coaster enthusiasts around the world, the Magnum XL-200 is the ultimate ride. Situated right on the Lake Erie shore, Magnum was the first coaster ever to top 200 feet – you can see Canada on a clear day. Accelerating down its incredible first hill, Magnum reaches a top speed of 72 MPH, while rocketing you over multiple hills, 3 tunnels, and a signature “pretzel” turnaround.
Iron Dragon
Level 4 - High Thrill
Height Requirement:     46"
Manufacturer:     Arrow Dynamics
Speed:     40 mphSwoop down toward the Cedar Point Lagoon and sweep away at the last moment, all with no tracks underneath you! The Iron Dragon suspended coaster moves like no other, swinging and swaying as it makes its way around a track that takes you in and around the woods and over the lagoon itself.
Level 5 - Aggressive ThrillHeight Requirement:     48
Manufacturer:     Arrow Dynamics
Speed:     60 mph
What could be more exciting than a wild racing roller coaster that broke height and speed records when it was introduced? How about a second coaster train racing along a parallel track! You’re either Blue or Red, and the race is on, over tracks that promise drops, twists, turns, airtime and a big finish. No matter the result, you’re the winner on Gemini.
Mean Streak
Height Requirement:     48"
Manufacturer:     Dinn Corporation
Speed:     65 mph
Quite possibly the most wood you’ll ever see in one place, the Mean Streak is 1.7 million board feet of southern yellow pine with an attitude. It’s beautiful to look at, but climb aboard and other words soon come to mind as you rocket through the hills and turns, in and out of the structure itself. This world-record breaker is everything you love about wooden coasters, just a lot more of it.
Wicked Twister
Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill
Height Requirement:     52"
Manufacturer:     Intamin, AG
Speed:     72 mph
Just steps from the Cedar Point Beach you can launch yourself into a spiraling scream-fest on the Wicked Twister. It’s not just a coaster, it’s a double-twisting impulse coaster. One of the tallest--and fastest--in the world. You’ll be rocked, rolled and launched into two 450-degree spirals at each end of the tracks. You will be twisted .
How much dangerous are they ? : the biggest, baddest, thrilling-est roller coaster in North America is "Superman: The Escape" at Six Flags Magic Mountain — 415 feet high with a 328-foot drop and cars that travel as close as roller coasters get to a speeding bullet: 100 miles per hour..This much speed and hieght can really effect less stamina and hearted person . Only 138 required hospitalization  and that's out of 309 million people who attended amusement parks that year. The CSPC puts fatalities at two per year over the last two decades.

Advice for safe ride:
If you're worried about going on a fun.and you are really not this much able to control your body language and can't reaaly afford to enjy the ride .so don't go to the scream rides . they can reaaly gave you jerks and heart attacks.
But for a teenager and a healthy person this should not be kept in mind that how much danger there is in the ride so just pack up your self and keep in mind that you are not realy alone in yours ride there are also some other people . so don't get afraid of it .AND just chill.

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