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  After the iPhone's previous models revolution the public from the entire world was waiting  eagerly for the release of iPhone 5.At...

 After the iPhone's previous models revolution the public from the entire world was waiting  eagerly for the release of iPhone 5.At last the waiting period ended and on 13,September ,2012 and the Apple's iPhone 5 got released.Now Apple lovers as well as other Companies are interested to know that what's new in iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Features: 
The short summary of features :
The most visible differences are taller in size , thinner, reduced weight and smart look.
The new A6 chip has been introduced, 

enhanced camera , increased battery performance, connector(charger) style modified, LTE Technology has been introduced, World Wide usage has been modified, reliable Ear pods(hand's free), Micro Sim Card, modified touch screen and so on.
Now just have an elaborated look on iPhone 5's awesome features :)  

Physical Appearance:
Apple made such a thinner display and is only 7.6 millimeters thin.As well it is lighter in weights and weighs just 112 grams.This time iPhone got 4 inches large display but not so awkward to use,the display  style, apps appearance are well managed this time.Moreover it's not only just a screen its really a 4inches retina display and with extremely enhanced pixels and gives a pro look.The back of iPhone 5 is made of aluminum and is well furnished and really gives a catchy look to this model.

A6 Chip:
The A6 chip acts as a enhanced graphic cards for the new iPhone5. It provides you the extremely enhanced graphic's performance, modified twice than A5 chip.The apps and game play's works faster and ensures a pro high definition graphics to users.Similarly, it helps the processor to work faster and smartly.

 The cam's pic capturing options have been increased.The new Panorama feature is the most awesome component discussing the cam facility.The panorama at a good temperature and environment can even provide you a snapshot as taken from 28Mega Pixels professional Cam.

 LTE Technology:        

LTE is the fastest communication technology source.It is one of the most important feature of the latest iPhone 5. LTE provides iPhone a source to communicate faster in the entire world.The downloading and browsing speed can be enhanced.Your downloading by WiFi can be expanded up to 150mb's.The LTE source is the next generation's Wireless connection source.

 Smart Connector(Charger):
The charger has been given a new smaller and better appearance.The 30pins complex charger has been demolished and this smarter charger is introduced.This charger is easier to use and works faster than the previous charger.

Modified Battery:
Similarly the battery timings are also enhanced.

Browsing Time = 8hours.
Talk Time = 8 hours.
Video Play back Time = 10 hours.


Comfortable Ear Pods(Hands Free):

The iPhone 5 box got an ear pods which are designed by the Apple's Engineer in such a better way from the flexible and soft material that it provided the entire globe with a new stylish ear pods.The ear pod provides a comfortable usage to user and it's design saves the sound loss and sound is audible more precisely.No doubt, that this sort of hands free is much impressive.

 Colors Options:

The iPhone5 is available in two catchy colors combinations: 

☻Black & Slate
White & Silver

Cost Menu  :
This time 8Gb iPhone concept has been demolished and iPhone5 price details are as follows:
☻16 GB =  $199 

☻32 GB =  $299 
☻64 GB =  $399 
 The following prices are only for USA users and this iPhone will work only in USA,The expected price of iPhone5 for Worldwide usage $800-900.

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