Review of GCU'Lahore by Admin (Best College of Pakistan)

No doubt  it is utmost desire of every student of Pakistan to become RAVIAN (Student at GCU) as GCU is at the peak of ranking list among th...

No doubt  it is utmost desire of every student of Pakistan to become RAVIAN (Student at GCU) as GCU is at the peak of ranking list among the best colleges of Pakistan. Its my 2nd year here in GCU , I'm doing ICS here. Approximately, Every student here on college level is A+ grade acquiring student, the whole college is full of impressive talent. GCU stands for Govt. College, University but its popular among the world only for college level studies because cream from all over the Pakistan Gathers here , means , all the intelligent and prominent students from theirs schools get admission over here.
There will be hardly any exaggeration in it if I say that GCU is having an awesome building. Environment of the GCU is maintained superbly by adequate planting. The building of GCU is famous due to its Tower on the main building with an oval ground in front of it. Sequentially arranged pine trees and other plants enhance the beauty of the campus. The rules and regulations of this institutions are strict. Students of intermediate are not allowed to wear anything else than proper uniform. However, Post Graduate Ravians are allowed to wear formal dress other than uniform but even for them jeans and t-shirts are prohibited. The students are fined for any sort of illegal activities inside the college. Majority of the students which are involved in such matters are st-rucked off from the campus. So, according to me under such restrictions and strictness every student can get an excellent character and a well disciplined personality. For a Sportsman GCU is an excellent institution. Sports man is provided with all facilities he needs and special concession for outclass sportsman, i.e College fee and hostel dues are not charged to sportsman. There are bundles of opportunities for sportsman as Government College is given priority and invited firstly for every sort of tournaments and competitions arranged at National & International level.Not only sportsman as well as members of debating society ,scouts ,music society and other societies, all of them gets great benefit here and in a comfortable way they can groom their talent.
Now coming to the studies , although students of GCU are giving an outclass result and many remarkable and famous personalities including politicians , sportsman , musicians and singers but to be very clear and frank educational department at intermediate studies here is not performing its duties properly. Professors here are impressive but they don't give proper attention while teaching. The syllabus of some subjects remains incomplete here till the end of both sessions, while send ups (December tests) are arranged and managed strictly. Later on, per-board exams are arranged but similar strictness and restrictions are not maintained in these exams.Moreover result for these exams is also not prepared and given back to students. Majority of Ravians mostly join academies and cover there syllabus there and I am also one of them. I really appreciate the practical classes which are managed and maintained with serious attitude. Students are fined 500 Rs./class If they bunk their practical classes.
Timings for classes at intermediate level is 9am-4pm , so these timings also create problems for us. Two hostels are also present inside this campus. Hostel environment is even more strict which builds up a descent character and we learn abdicates to led life.
Dues of 1 year are 36400 at College level and hostel dues are 28000.
So at the end I conclude that GCU is an awesome institution for grooming your talent and to learn many new codes of life , different attitudes.
Most importantly a way to spend life among different colorful characters and experience to understand people but unfortunately you will not be able to admit that teaching is satisfactory.
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