All over the world there's a misconception about Muslims due to which innocent Muslims are constantly embarrassed by unfair ways an...

All over the world there's a misconception about Muslims due to which innocent Muslims are constantly embarrassed by unfair ways and they have to face harassment and anti Islam comments. In the entire world, Muslims have been oppressed and mustered by different believers of other religions too. In doing so, There's a big role of Buddhist Monks in degrading and destroying Muslims.

                      BURMA THE STATE

Burma other name (Myanmar's) whose total population is 60 millionpeople of which 90% are Buddhistand about 5% Muslimwhich means 30 lac Muslims only.
The terrorism in Burma is at the peak nowadays. In the past year 200+Muslims are killed cruelly and 140,000have been deprived from their property , their lives and they are totally homeless. These Muslims are mostly inhabitants of Meiktila, Okan, Lashioand Kanbalu.

On25th Oct. 2012burned Muslim city of 'Kyaukpyu' in west Burma. 144 Square meterwas burnt and as a result 811houses turned into ashes and approximately 100Muslims died.


Before talking about the main reasons behind the bitter attitude of Monks.Iwould like to tell you about AshinWirathu. AshinWirathuis considered as spiritual leader of monks.He was born in 1968. 10 yearsago, in 2003,With military interference of Burma , he was jailed because of his anti-Muslim views for 25 yearsbut with political favour he was bailed from jail.Wirathubelieves there is a Muslim underground plan to turn Burma into an Islamic state.So, In2011 he again started sharing anti-Muslim campaigns.Recently, In march under his supervision 969 movement was raisedand the main objective of this movement is the opposition plan to turn Burma into an Islamic state.


Spread of Islam:
According to negative thinking of Ashin, Muslims wants to turn Burma into an Islamic State.
AshinWirathuis having very bitter words for Muslims , Some of his bitter words :
"Muslims are only well behaved when they are weak, When they become strong, they are like a wolf or a jackal; in large packs they hunt down other animals. ".

Economical Instability:
"Over the past 50 years, we have shopped at Muslim shops and then they became richer and wealthier than us and can buy and marry our girls
In this way, they have destroyed and penetrated not only our nation but also our religion"

SameMisconception about Muslim underground plan"In the past, there was no discrimination based on religion and race. We all stayed together in a brotherly way,"Wirathusaid. "But when their [Muslim] master plan has been revealed we can no longer stay quiet."Now in these times of change, his message is widely disseminated through social media and DVDs. Far from being condemned, Wirathunow has backing from the very top.In June, as his infamy reached its peak, Wirathuappeared on the front cover of Time magazine labelled "The face of Buddhist terror". Immediately the President leap forward to give him defence and Monks supported him too.-----------------------------------

Short Scale Conflicts with Monks:
                         CONFLICTS IN SRILANKA 

Muslims are under attack in Sri Lanka. Recent reports indicate that gangs of Buddhists have been roaming the streets, administering bloody mob beatings, and attacking places where Muslims work and worship. Raw pork has been thrown into mosques, the Halal logo has been banned, One dramatic incident ended with government commandos being deployed to maintain law and order after a gang of Buddhists injured four people at a mosque in Colombo, Sri Lanka's largest city, forcing it to close and a curfew to be put in place.

                       CONFLICTS IN INDIA 

 Buddhism Basically Started from India in Bihar.
There are According to state television, about
42 houses and 15 shops were destroyed.
A gang of 1,000 Buddhists in Alaska.
Al Jazeera’s Veronica Pedrosa,
reporting from Bangkok, said,
“These thousand people were carrying
swords and spears and singing the national
anthem as they moved.“ Every Year Million people gather in Nagpur.

                     CONFLICTS IN THAILAND 

The conflict has been gaining steam over the past eight years Since 2004, drive-by shootings, IED bombings, and point-blank assassinations have claimed some 5,000 lives of Muslims. Daily Muslim Are Shots on Streets Going for prayers and thiershops are being bombarded Killing innocent Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

                      A Sight of Relief for Muslims 

 Saudi Ambassador Al-Mouallimiemphasized:
“We have no intentions of standing on the side and watching this process take place without any action.”
“There is a lot more that the Secretary-General and the United Nations can do”,
He is working on efforts to engage personally with the President of Myanmar.
    UN secretary General Ban-kiraised this issue .
►  OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) is now working with United nations for the betterment of Muslim community and for making the better relationship with Monks. Both the agencies have warned the Burma’s government for not treating Muslims community with there proper rights.
► Team being assigned for the protection of Muslim rights and religious services.

                 Our Suggestion for Peaceful Livelihood:

Giving Muslims a separate province
in their majority areas.
Abolishing Misconceptions of Monks
and Muslims by Table Talk.
Muslims representatives should clear
monks to treatMuslim as Muslim treats
them and respect the moral values of Islam.


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