How to Recover Hard Drive Data.

Without any suppression of fact when we face a Hard Drive Failure in our private home Computer/ Laptop, we go and buy a new Hard Drive by c...

Without any suppression of fact when we face a Hard Drive Failure in our private home Computer/Laptop, we go and buy a new Hard Drive by compromising on the loss of personal images, videos and data. Even we don't think about Hard Drive Recovery Service to grab our data back. There are two different cases one is when Hard Drive fails completely and other is just like we lose data while installing a new window or accidental formatting. Don't prefer Hard Drive Recovery Service and try at least once for your data recovery. We've sorted out solutions for both cases.

Case 1 - Data lost by Formatting or while installing a New Window: The data can be restored this way very easily. There are dozens of intelligent software we can get for free on the Internet. Just by downloading them and simple interface you can recover your images and files. However, large files can be recovered too but for this we need to buy some software online .i.e Sega-gate, Glary and Recuva. All these software comes with simple instructions to follow.

Case 2- Hard Drive Failure: In case if your system is not recognizing your Hard drive and giving detection error. Before taking a Hard drive Recovery Service or replacing with a New HDD, Give-a-Try. 

Method A: Remove the Hard Drive from your system. Grab the HDD Tightly and press tightly. You'll know yourself, if the seal was bit loose. Temporarily HDD will work (until it’s pressed).Now manage to keep the hard drive squeeze and tight under some pressure for 1-2 hours. (In mean time you can also transfer data into another hard).

Method B: On removing if you find you HDD overheated with expanded shaft. Than in short you've 
to Freeze the hard to shrink it. Put the HDD in a dry plastic bag to keep the moisture away. Place it in 
Freezer for 2 hours and after the time completes, you'll find you HDD back to normal. Place the hard in 
system. Hopefully, it'll be back to working condition.
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