And Here goes Mark Zuckerberg's Fb Account :O

LOL , The most discussed story of today " Mark Zuckerberg's account hacked by Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian" .This news ap...

LOL , The most discussed story of today "Mark Zuckerberg's account hacked by Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian".This news appears much strange that how someone can hack Fb account of the founder of Facebook but its True Story.

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Cast of this Story:

Khalil Shreateh ►The Hero.
Mark Zuckerberg ► Infact a Vilan this time.
Facebook Security Team ► The Cause.
How it got started:

Facebook security team offers 500$ bounty to the person who reports a real bug in Fb Site.Moreover it pays bulk of money to World great hackers to make the Site's security stronger & stronger.

Khalil Shreateh was one of the hacker to help Facebook team to make Facebook stronger. In doing so he mentioned a bug in the site and sent a report to Facebook Security Team but they neglected his views and clarified that this is not a bug.Later on, the bug was fixed and Khalil was not awarded with his bounty of 500$ saying that his report  did not include specific technical information and sent a report to Khalil mentioning that he should keep on helping Fb for more bug errors.Moreover his page was closed as it was pionted out as a danger caution , Report Concluded :


These words added fuel to fire and Khalil in frustation of getting his reward used a bug and logged into Mark's profile and mentioned as a status that he had no other way after all reports he sent to the Security Team.. 

                    Post on Mark's Timeline by Khalil

"Dear Mark Zuckerberg,First sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your wall, I has no other choice to make after all the reports i sent to Facebook team."

He finished his words by adding:

"I appreciate your time reading this and getting some one from your company team to contact me" 

Hmmmm and than Security team communicated with Khalil like a flash.Khalil than explained about his neglected attempts to favor Facebook's white hat security team ,which pays hackers minimum $500 for finding a bug.

So that's all about today's most special.Hopefully will inform you tomorrow about the rewards Khalil gonna get ;)


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